Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Get Quick Quotes On Arizona Garbage Trucks for Sale

Buying refurbished garbage trucks can be confusing. There are many sellers around, and it is often hard to choose between models, given that everyone is just focused on discounts. At Alliance Refuse Trucks, we differ with humbleness. We deal in all kinds of Arizona garbage trucks for sale, with a focus on customer experience and service. We have been in business for 30 years, and our experience with regards to refurbishing remains unparalleled. We have heavy equipment mechanics, for testing all elements including diesel engines, drive trains, air conditioning systems, suspensions, and brakes.

Refurbished Refuse Trucks

We also take extra care of the financing process, allowing customers to have quick access to garbage trucks. Every refurbished truck comes with a guarantee of performance, and the process is completed under experts at our 6.5-acre site. We also deal in changing chassis and other tasks related to servicing. Each of the steps of the refurbishing is supervised at various levels, and every cell is managed by a team of experts, who have over 75 years of collaborative experience. Wish to know more or want a quote? We are open to all kinds of services and questions. Please contact us at or call us for assistance at (602) 721-1264.

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